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Power Rangers Bio Star: Victor Lee, Red One :iconleveyyes:LeveyYes 9 0
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(PDF) AURA MASK VOLUME TWO ISSUES 6-9 :iconleveyyes:LeveyYes 2 1
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(PDF) AURA MASK VOLUME ONE ISSUES 1-5 :iconleveyyes:LeveyYes 4 2


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Request:Universal Rangers/Aura Mask Team-Up
Retahensid I really like your Universal Rangers idea. Thanks Gattaiphill for the request. Still in progress...

I've been playing around with different styles for your Universal Rangers with my Aura Mask heroes team-up concept. I think I'll go with the paper-cut out style for the piece. Here is a sample of the Woody Red and Balto Pink Rangers. I've also worked on concept art for Jaws Green.

*Roger, I hope  you like it:)
A story about self-empowerment and saving the world from eternal darkness.

Clockwise from top left:

Sedacio Maverick-A legendary soldier
Zöjzeerk the fallen Sun-GOD
Zen-A mysterious winged-man
Mildine Bloom-A hunter and new wife of Sedacio
Toka Bark-Royal guard groundling
Rhimi Bodekesh-A monk who is tasked to saving O'Quan
Tarcuze Greglimonte-A timid boy newly recruited to the Loyal army
Firminqua-A master of Spira energy, she trains Rhimi in the Spira arts
DAYKEEPER a fantasy novel Chapter 1 Excerpt

What began as a stream of consciousness at the age of seventeen has now turned into a universe of its own. That would be my fantasy novel Daykeeper.

A story about an optimistic young warrior monk who's charged with the task of finding the eggs of the fallen sun-God Zöjeerk (pronounced Zoy-Zurk) in order to restore a dying sun before the world is shrouded in darkness forever. He must trust in his newfound companions and his growing spira powers or spirit energy in the new war against the dark-hearted Kajibo clan.

Daykeeper ©2001-2017 Chapter One By Levey Saintil Part I Outline: Chapter 1. I. The enoid’s possession II. Zojzeerk’s song III. Tarcuze’s nightmare IV. 

The world of Oquan is strange and vast. simplistic yet dualistic. There are warring factions in the luscious kingdom of Crymaria.
Since the dawn of Zöjzeerk, the civil oquanians and belligerent Kajibo have battled for supremacy. Oquanians, that include all humans and animals alike, and the Kajibo, a race of red-skinned creatures with a barbaric nature. With all the inborn turmoil among the nations, there is a peace-loving clergy of monks who travel the land practicing goodwill. The Bodekesh house is one of many monk houses around the world. This house is a dwelling in a forest near the Zeerka palace. Rhimi Bodekesh, a young half human, half Kajibo boy, was raised in the Bodekesh house since he was eleven-years-old. Although Kajibo blood runs through his veins, Rhimi is a boy who will be an unlikely savior... At the beginning of the world, Zöjzeerk, a mystical being emanated light that spawned the first humans. This humble creature made itself mortal for a short period in order to connect with every part of the world.

   At the hands of the malicious Kajibo, he gave his last breath, but not before he exhaled an extreme glow in the sky which is now called the echo. Now the rays of the echo are diminishing and soon the world will be shrouded in darkness. There is also the lost zeerka amulet, the only key to finding hidden eggs of Zöjzeerk, the fallen sun god. These eggs are powerful enough to restore light. As the echo shines its warm light feeding the planet, it is slowly simmering to become a dimmer and dimmer source of life. Deep underground impervious to the light, a secret society lurks watching the world from above. A man in a gray hooded cape sits in a dark room with his hand on a sacred book entitled "Kaos". "It shall begin..."

The hooded man was a sorcerer and leader of the Teisan underground society. He was using his mind control power to possess an enoid, a mystical being with incredible abilities. With his gaze concentrated on the enoid, the small creature began twitching and fell into a seizure. He glowed with amazing light energy. Suddenly the power over took him as his body became limp. The enoid blacked out. The leader was already finished with the creature. "It is done.'' The leader fulminated. Far above ground a band of monks walked along the mountain path singing songs of reverence. “Oh Glory be to ZÖIJZEERK! We will cherish your sparkle-ing downs. Though we walk in your golden kingdom, you forever wear the golden crown” “GLORY BE TO ZÖJEERK!” the head monk shouted as the seven apprentice monks returned. “GLORY BE

TO ZÖIJZEERK!” The Zeerka monks are a peace loving group of missionaries led by father Bodekesh, a tough yet caring abbot. They live in the Bodekesh house in the farming town of Kyugelle. Rhimi Bodekesh, an orphan who is a half human half Kajibo boy with blonde hair and carmen skin. Although he is the only one of his ilk in the monk house, he is accepted among his brothers. Rhimi is a happy go lucky young man and is punctilious in his duties as a peace giver but he longs for something more exciting. These merry monks were headed into the sacred kingdom of Crymaria to join the holy festival. It was the celebration of the ascended sun god Zöjzeerk. All of the people of the kingdom came to worship and praise the divine bird and his echo of his radiant body.
    Meanwhile, in the Crymarian village, a young man named Tarcuze was having a horrifying nightmare. This recurring dream has haunted him since the death of his mother during the Great War 12 years ago. In his dream, a legendary demon that is known as Calaket, chases him and terrorizes him, biting and tearing at his flesh. The ferocious demon gains power from the screams of the innocent. But he is stuck in the oneiric realm and is limited in committing his depraved deeds. In a forest dark and cold, Tarcuze hides behind a tall willow tree. Calaket with his long body and sharp claws dances through the woods in search of his victim. “You are not very a sneaky boy; I can smell your fear! Ha, ha, ha!” The demon sneered mockingly. “Please save me Master Zen!” Tarcuze quietly beckoned. As much as he endeavored, the young boy could not prevent himself from shivering with fright. No one could ignore Calaket’s huffing as he moved closer to the willow tree. Closer and closer he moved towards the willow tree as Tarcuze realized that he could make a run for the clearing. It was too late; he could already feel the ugly pale skinned creature’s rank and heavy breathe against the back of his neck.

“Time for another bite!” said Calaket as he widened his jaw. “ARGGHHHH!!”

Before he could dig his teeth into the already bloodied boy, an arrow from afar struck him in his forehead. From the distance stood a man with the lower body of a horse holding a silver colored bow. His eyes were blue and piercing and his hair was blond and full. “Calaket!” He shouted. “It is over for you now. I am here to save the boy!” “AHHH you dirty menace!” the demon cried as he writhed in pain. “Run to me child.” said the hero. Calaket’s grip loosened and he became weaker with each gush of blood, Tarcuze threw himself away from him and ran towards the man whose arms wide with sanctuary eased the boy’s fears. “You are safe with me Tarcuze…”

Suddenly without warning Calaket creeped up from behind the mysterious knight and with his razor sharp claws, he slashed at the unsuspecting victim’s neck. “No please!! Nooo!” Tarcuze was in a daze. “Tarcuze! Get out of bed it is time for your training you sun-damned lazy boy!” Said a stout man with glasses and a thick mustache. Grabbing his arm, the man threw Tarcuze to the floor. “You will become a man you weak little thing.” he promulgated. “Did you hear me?” His dream startled him into tears but the aggressive man forced him to wake. “Yes father.” The boy replied. “Today you will become a man” his father told him as he left the room. The saddened child made an effort to bring himself to the window with his arm still in pain. He looked to the morning sun with tears still rolling down his cheeks and the normally bright echo looked dimmer than usual.

“Zen, I know you are real, please save me.” He whispered.



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